China’s Leading Digital Entertainment Content and Service Provider

Motion Magic is specialized in research and development of computer-generated (CG) technology, creative design and integrated application. With digital graphics and imaging technology at the core, we perfectly combine artistic presentation with technologic application and strive to expand the business of theme content, CG animation and IP content.
The 78 M Annulus Cinema
Theme Content
Motion Magic provides fantastic multimedia content production and system integration service to theme parks, museums, landmarks and corporate exhibition halls with a packaged solution of creative planning, artistic design, content production, technology R&D and system integration.
China’s Top VR&AR Solution Provider

Motion Magic is among the forerunners to explore virtual reality (VR) technology in China. With the self-developed 3D 360° shooting, Motion Magic is the only company in China that can produce VR film using 3D 360° Binocular Stereo Vision. The 3D spacial relationship presents the VR effect to the maximum, delivering high-definition and immersive visual experience to the audience.

Motion Magic is the leading developer of augmented reality (AR) application. Based on computer-generated graphics development and application capability and with the support of various interactive technologies and software development capability, we are introducing 3D content to the reality and providing multiple AR applications oriented to culture and entertainment, advanced manufacturing and display and exhibition.

Motion Magic combines fancy visual art with advanced digital technology and plays an active role in R&D and application in the field of new digital medium. We are providing excellent digital and multimedia display service to Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE), State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC), China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and other established companies and enterprises on a long-term basis.

Relying on unparalleled artistic design capability and ingenious data processing and development capability, Motion Magic presents data in a direct and beautiful way through graphics and displays various attributes of data in a multi-dimensional manner, allowing multi-dimensional data observation to ensure clear and efficient information communication and deepened data observation and analysis.

China’s Top Commercial Branding Service Provider

Motion Magic has a strong creative team, equipped with rich experience and strong executive capability in terms of film making, VR&AR and CG animation. Oriented by product and corporate brand positioning, we deliver high-level creative design and production to TV commercials (TVC), corporate clients and government organizations with appealing artistic presentation.
Motion Magic provides a wide range of prophase and postphase services to TVC and Web video advertisements including creative plan, shooting, editing and digital color correction with a view to establish successful brand and product visual image for clients.