Go Fighting

category: reality show
copyright: Motion Magic
Go Fighting is a large-scale inspiring reality show produced by Shanghai Dragon TV. There are six set performers: Huang Bo, Sun Honglei, Huang Lei, Show Lo, Wang Xun and Zhang Yixing. Each episode of Go Fighting focuses on one specific heatedly discussed problem in our society or era: for example, the guests experienced the life of common people by acting as taxi-drivers or housekeepers in the show and they often interacted with passers-by on the street and those passers-by were not just there to see the show but played a critical role in the advancement of the reality show.

Motion Magic undertook the post-production of the first season of Go Fighting , including its story editing, special effects, synchronization of scene and lines, audio mixing and blending, color correction etc. and the amazing story telling and post production become highlights of this show and make it the reality show with the highest audience rating in 2015.