ZTE Smart City Big Data Management System

category: Data Visualization
copyright: Motion Magic
City information management and decision making under smart cloud platform involve all walks of life, so traditional data demonstration and report method are not only too complex in term of content but also inefficient in terms of perception, and cannot create trends and rules to help decision-making and judgment. Thus, it cannot meet the needs of city administrators and is to be replaced by revolutionary instruments for data use.


Smart City Big Data Management System is a big data demonstration system customized for ZTE Technology by Motion Magic. Customized according to real city big data, it features unique program development and interface expression and transforms massive data from cloud into refined, accurate, objective and beautiful data visualization interactive system. The system quotes big data from various fields such as “subway population density”, “population-education-industry components”, “environmental pollution and protection”, “city traffic hub detection” and “government processing accelerator”, demonstrates through a direct CG method, acquires, senses and analyzes data by touching the screen, integrates key information indicators concerning the core system of city operation and finally makes smart responses to meet the needs of city administration.