ZTE AR Interactive System for flagship stores

category: Augmented Reality
copyright: Motion Magic
Made up of three sports game sections of “football”, “basketball” and “golf”, ZTE AR Interactive System has been adopted by flagship stores of various ZTE flagship stores in China. Using their body movement in front of screens, players can capture real-time movement and integrate into the game environment on the screen.

ZTE AR Interactive System for flagship stores combines AR games with product, strengthens the concept of brand interaction and thus allows players to enjoy the fun of the game as well as have a deep impression on the selling point of the product shown in the game. This will unconsciously turn game players into potential customers of the product and help realize the aim of using new technology to market products and brands. In addition, interactive system connects flagship stores with the mobile terminals of consumers and thus allows consumers to share live broadcast of the activity on the internet with customized We Media platform.