Magic Town

category: IP Content
copyright: Motion Magic
Magic Town is the first Chinese pre-school children’s musical series, featuring cheerful music, cute characters and positive values. We hope that this fun series will help enlighten children in China of the 21st century.

In a small town called Magic far, far away, there were five friends: a soldier with magic power named BQ, a pretty girl named Coco, a cute foodie named Dudu, a diligent student named Zhenzhen and an energetic elfin named Maomao. They always played together and helped each other solve difficult problems. Their lives were composed of funny and touching stories.

Each episode of Magic Town includes three sections: “elfin’s story”, “magic handwork” and “life in the Magic Town”. Featuring cute characters, simple handwork lessons and fun stories of idioms, this musical series is the best companion for children.