Digital Introduction Sandbox for ZTE “Smart Home”

category: Virtual Display
copyright: Motion Magic
To illustrate the concept of ZTE “smart home”, Motion Magic cooperated with ZTE technology to develop a set of digital introduction sandbox for ZTE “smart home”. Through video animation based on story plot design, the system creates four virtual home space settings. Through different plot development and environment description, it shows how smart home functions under different story settings. Each story setting digitally matches certain hardware on the spot and pressing the buttons for interaction on the screen, viewers can choose among the video animations. Such demonstration enhances viewers’ knowledge about smart home products by interactive experience, promotes the popularity and application of future smart home appliances and reinforces the publicity efficiency of brands.

The digital introduction sandbox for ZTE “smart home” was exhibited on the Hannover Messe in Germany and introduces a packaged solution of smart home to consumers in a vivid and integrated way.