Publicity Video and Program Branding for Original Comedy Show

category: channel branding
copyright: Motion Magic
Motion Magic is honored to have a deep cooperation with Dragon TV on the program of Original Comedy Show, a large-scale comedy reality show launched in 2014 on Dragon TV. We customize a whole branding and film editing for this comedy program. The slogan of the program is “Let’s smile at life no matter how hard it is”, so all contestants in this program are full of optimism and positive energy. Their performances, their talent, and their happy or sad stories, can bring laughter to audience. Through the slogan of the program, the program aims to tell audience that we can face our life with smiles in time of ups and downs.

Motion Magic has accomplished the branding design of Original Comedy Show. In 2014, The Original Comedy Show Series ID for Dragon TV created by us won the silver medal of the Best Entertainment/Variety Campaign, one of the award categories of the 2014 PromaxBDA Asia Award.