Arts and Humanities Channel Branding—Colored Human + OSP Series

category: channel branding
copyright: Motion Magic
The revision of Arts and Humanities Channel in 2011 was a big success. The program forecast system with color stripe elements gives audience a fresh viewing experience. The use of OSP application system directly conveys the concept of channels to audience. But it is far from enough to build a brand only with the OSP application system; how can the notion conveyed by the channel enjoy greater popularity?

Red stands for passion, orange stands for liveliness and blue stands for rationality… Each color has its own connotation and demonstrates part of the traits of new youth. After rounds of discussions, designers came to realize that it is better to completely present and personalize the colors, so they use unique character modeling and dramatic character performance to represent the traits of colors and touch the inner mind of audience.

The Arts and Humanities Colored Human + OSP Series was awarded the silver medal of the Best On-air Channel Branding, one of the award categories of 2012 PromaxBDA Asia Award.