Sisters over Flowers

category: reality show
copyright: Motion Magic
The second season of Sisters over Flowers is a celebrity traveling reality show introduced by Dragon TV from tvN of South Korea. The TV program shows how sisters such as Song Dandan, Wang Lin, Lin Chi-ling, Jiang Yan, and Gina Jin and “porters” made up of Aarif Lee, Henry, and Joseph Zeng explored the mysterious South America and cruised the Antarctic.

Motion Magic was responsible for the program branding and post production of the second season of Sisters over Flowers. Our excellent editing has added appeal for its story narration and character building. The second season of Sisters over Flowers has been broadcast at the prime time on Dragon TV and when first broadcast, it got an excellent audience rating of 1.08% with the audience rating in Shanghai over 5.5%. With the broadcast of the TV program, its audience rating has been constantly increasing, making it the hottest celebrity travel-reality show.