Original Comedy Show

category: reality show
copyright: Motion Magic
The Original Comedy Show is a large-scale comedy reality TV show that has been broadcast on Dragon TV since March 16th . It is a great honor for Motion Magic to be responsible for the postphase production and customization of the complete branding for this show which inspires people to face life with smiles.

The slogan of this program is “Let’s smile at life no matter how hard it is”. Participants of the show are full of optimism and positive energy and they draw on their talent to tell their stories. Whether it is a happy or sad story, they can always bring laughter to the audience. The aim behind such arrangement is to tell the audience to face life with smiles in time of ups and downs. Motion Magic hopes that our excellent branding and magic clipping can make you laugh. This program is hosted by Da Peng and Liu Yiwei, Song Dandan, Feng Xiaogang and Sandra Ng Kwan-yu are observers in the show.