category: CG Animation
copyright: Motion Magic
MUMUHUG is a CG TV series for children produced by the SOFA Studio of Taiwan. MuMu, a loving dolphin, is the main character of the story.
There isn’t any dialogue in the cartoon. MuMu could only emit the sound of “MUMU”. When encountering friends in need of help, it would open its arms to embrace others. Motion Magic was responsible for the CG production of the entire TV series. The successful character animation and facial design helped Mumu express a rich storyline and the inner world even without any dialogues.
It was played on the opening ceremony of the 2006 Taiwan International Animation Festival and won Best Animated Short Film for Children in San Diego Asian Film Festival, Best Animated Short Film for Children in Brazilian Film Festival. Popular in more than 40 countries worldwide, it is the best partner to grow up with for Taiwanese kids.