Release Conference of the Tenth-generation Honda Civic

category: Theme Content
copyright: Motion Magic
The release conference of the tenth-generation Civic was held in Shanghai World Expo Cultural Center on April 12, 2016. Motion Magic was responsible for the multimedia content and system integration of the conference, which was the first to use upper and lower circular-screens. With music and light as the background, the circular-screens rose imperceptibly, manifesting themselves as a 360° runway. In the darkness, the real car suddenly pulled out, with the shadow-like image following closely. The image and the car collaborated harmoniously, creating a gorgeous display of "The Road Beyond". With each round of the driving, the image presented different visual effects, pushing the atmosphere of the conference to a climax. The super-wide video contents contrasts finely with the movement of the real car, giving the audience a brand new visual experience due to combination of virtual and physical images.

As the only designated video supplier of the conference, Motion Magic completed the production in a short time and presented to the audience a fantastic visual feast, with our unique and novel creative ideas, and top-quality video production.