Publicity Video and Program Branding for the Go Fighting

category: channel branding
copyright: Motion Magic
Since its launch on Dragon TV in 2015, Go Fighting, a large-scale inspirational reality show, has been well received and popular and become the hottest phenomenal program in China’s TV industry. The group of Men is made up of Three Idiots and Three Geniuses, each of whom has his own distinct characteristics. In the publicity video, such a characteristic is underlined, and the idea of shifting the classical movie clips in Season 1 to sweet agents in Season 2 can enable every male star to exhibit his characters, which allows every TV viewer to find himself in their images. The opening of the program in Season 1 is a cool shield marked with six and it aims to highlight strength of the group of men, while in Season 2, the opening is about the light of a beacon and the image of star agents, which is in accordance with the concept of sweet agents in the video. All this has made the video of this program unique among reality shows of the same kind.