Digital Multi-screen Linkage Demonstration System for ZTE Assembly Lines of Industry 4.0

category: Virtual Display
copyright: Motion Magic
With the popularity and application of industrial leap and the internet of things, ZTE developed a whole set of highly flexible customized digital product and service production mode to meet the challenge of industry 4.0. To illustrate how the future mode functions, Motion Magic customized a unique AGV Smart Factory multi-screen linkage demonstration system.

Based on a grand background wall, the system is comprised of four large screens set in the background wall. The contents of the four screens are independent but linked and reflect the production environment of a smart factory together with the background wall. Through multi-screen linkage, it shows the assembly lines of the raw materials workshop, assembling workshop, charging workshop and command center of Industry 4.0. With the massive demonstration module of multi-screen linkage, the system helps viewers gain knowledge about production procedures based on AGV smart technology and the assumption of industry 4.0 proposed by ZTE.